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About  Franklyn

Franklyn started with Cuban style salsa before moving on to LA on 1, and now New York on 2 and chachacha. He believes in teaching correct technique while having lots of fun with his students. He also taught salsa dance classes for 10 years at The University of Manchester up to 2019. Franklyn has a proven record in helping students develop their dance skills and tailors his lessons to suit their ability. His classes are fun, funky and very popular; he doesn’t take himself too seriously so you can have a laugh while learning fun moves and footwork. 


He has an interest in the roots of salsa and African history, and has essays published on these topics.


He teaches in Manchester and is regularly invited to teach at events and congresses both in the UK and abroad.
As well as the classes that he teaches he is also available for demonstrations, parties, one to one tuition and wedding choreography.

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